Winter, The Best Time to Get an Education!

Winter is one of the best times to get an education on important topics that effect our lives because people in general spend less time doing recreational activities and more time online. Sitting at home, work, or the doctor’s office is the perfect time for you to learn a little bit about what is going on in our world.
So, while you’re in the warm and comfortable indoors, take a look to see what’s going on outside. Do you see trees, cars, and buildings? The answer is probably yes, but there is much more. You also probably see trash, broken glass, and otherwise man made items that are polluting our Earth. Here’s to you getting an education, and to understanding the danger that the human race is putting our planet through.
Furthermore, most of the things that you see outside are also floating in our local waters. From the smallest items of household trash to car parts and tires, they all create hazards for our area, yet very few people are doing anything to solve the problem. These pollutants are responsible for the destruction of natural ecosystems and even death. Aquatic animals, some that are food sources, are dying and full of diseases that can’t be controlled due to the contamination of local waterways. Not only that, according to Water for Life, more humans die every year from unsafe water than from any form of violence in the world.
If none of this has convinced you that there is a real problem, there is another benefit that winter has gifted you. Drive by a local waterway, look through the bare trees, and truly see what our world looks like. Look at the piles of trash on banks, and the rest that is most likely floating down stream with the fish. If you don’t know your options to help, you’re not alone. There are people willing to do the dirty work for you, they only lack much needed support.
At iCleanWaterways, we are motivated to change the way our waterways are cared for, one pick at a time.

iCleanWaterways is a national movement actively removing trash from our springs, creeks, rivers and our many lakes while promoting personal responsibility. Our goal is to eliminate the trash one pound at a time for our children and generations after.

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