Storms Are Brewing

Social media in the modern world can help us out in so many way, especially when it comes to severe weather. Instead of dialing in our radios or going home to check the news, we can check Facebook for all of our severe weather updates, but sharing posts and memes about storms are not all you could do to prepare; listed below are some ideas on how to prepare and prevent any negative outcomes in the event of a storm.

1. Put away any and all items that could blow away; you’d rather have your trash bin taking up a little space in your garage than emptying into our rivers.

2. Avoid parking cars beneath trees, strong winds could easily blow them over; no one wants to wake up to smashed vehicle!!

3. The Midwest is a flood plane, move valuable items to higher areas, while it seems common knowledge, it can be easy to forget.

4. ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN. Having young children, or even older children, can make the events of a storm even more stressful, already having a plan could relive you of some burden.

Never forget, safety is the most important task, protect yourself and others before moving on to other, smaller tasks!!

iCleanWaterways is a national movement actively removing trash from our springs, creeks, rivers and our many lakes while promoting personal responsibility. Our goal is to eliminate the trash one pound at a time for our children and generations after.

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