Who is responsible for all this trash?

You think to yourself, “I don’t produce that much waste, there’s no way I’m responsible for capping out landfills,” and you’re right. It is 100% not your fault that land fills eventually fill up, you’re also not responsible for the approximately 7.9 tons of plastic dropping into the oceans each year. Oh, and that air and water pollution? Also not your fault. None of it is your fault, or your moms, or your neighbors, so whose fault is it? Who is the one putting so much trash into the can? Who uses all that plastic? Who doesn’t recycle all those bottles? The answer is simple, too simple.
We all use that plastic bottle every once in a while, our families produce that four bags of trash a week, and we all take those Styrofoam to-go containers home. So what, though? It’s just one bottle, just a few bags of trash, just that one container, so who cares? There’s 327 million of us in this country, someone else can take the blame, right? So, what’s the answer? You keep saying it’s not you, we keep saying it’s not us, everyone else says it’s not them, one day we’re going to run out of people to blame for the collaborative destruction, but will that be too late?

iCleanWaterways is a national movement actively removing trash from our springs, creeks, rivers and our many lakes while promoting personal responsibility. Our goal is to eliminate the trash one pound at a time for our children and generations after.

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