The Water Epidemic

While it may seem impossible, our world that is covered in water, could potentially run out. How you ask? While our Earth will most likely never completely dry up, it now has a higher demand for clean water than ever before. The population is higher, the pollution is higher, and our Earth cannot accommodate these high stakes forever.
Most people know that we use water for far more than just drinking. Agriculture, fashion, art, and travel, all things necessary to sustain healthy human life, things that cannot be given up on without risking ones happiness. So, what can we do?1. Stop buying fast fashion!! Fast fashion is anything that takes less than six weeks to go from drawing board to consumers’ shelves. Fashion itself is the second largest industry for pollution in the world. Buying used or from ethical brands can protect our waters in many ways! Turn off your sprinklers every other day, grass is so easy to take care of that there is no need to water it everyday!3. Drink out of reusable water bottles! Did you know it takes twice the amount of water to create a singleness use plastic bottle than what can even be held within it.

Just remember: Always be mindful of the impact you have on the environment!

iCleanWaterways is a national movement actively removing trash from our springs, creeks, rivers and our many lakes while promoting personal responsibility. Our goal is to eliminate the trash one pound at a time for our children and generations after.

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