Keeping it local this holiday season

The holiday season is lots of things. It’s stressful, beautiful, have to get there, can’t forget here, make sure I’m in a cheerful mood, can’t decorate too early, can’t decorate too late, are we baking cookies, or building gingerbread houses, and so on and on and on and on. We understand this time also brings some inherent need in all of us to help out around the holidays, so it would be great if there was a way to help those around you while also helping yourself, right? We have found a simple solution: SHOP LOCAL! We have three reasons that shopping local should be one of your top priorities this season.

1. Quality: There is not a single small business that would put there personal names out there while also giving customers low quality items that cost pennies to make. These are real people making products or offering services for other real people. It’s a personal thing, shopping local ensure you’re getting quality items and services from everyday faces.

2. Friends and Family: If you think about it, it is pretty likely that at least one of your friends or family members owns or works for a small business. Instead of corporate America funneling money into their own ever growing bank accounts, buying gifts locally would not only be getting a great gift, but also putting money back into your community and into the hands of people you care about most.

3. Everything else sucks: Not to be too blunt, but that big store that always has a million people in it? It sucks. That mile long parking lot that never has a spot at the front? That also sucks. The harm that global corporations do to the environment because of their greedy ways? They suck the worst. So, go to someone who doesn’t suck, shop local for your goods and services.

iCleanWaterways is a national movement actively removing trash from our springs, creeks, rivers and our many lakes while promoting personal responsibility. Our goal is to eliminate the trash one pound at a time for our children and generations after.

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